The original location for Bill’s Hardware back in 1979, the building has been the home to the Garden Center ever since the move across the street in 1989. Bill’s Garden Center offers a reliable place to shop for all your gardening, fishing and aviary supplies.

Pottery and lawn ornaments are two of Bill’s Garden Center’s specialties. We carry a wide variety of ceramics, sculptures and gazing balls to set you apart from your neighbors. Whether you're looking for planters, decorative ornaments, banners or flags, we can supply you with whatever you might need.

As well as a large variety of fertilizers, pest/weed controllers and soil conditioners, Bill’s employees are ready to give you the know-how to make your garden better than the Joneses’.

Bill’s also carries fishing supplies, including live bait, fishing poles, lures, hooks, tackle and tackle boxes, for all your lazy Saturdays by the lake.